Seminar Schedule August 19

Saturday 11:30

Carol Gailey - 'Using Sound to Open and Energize our Chakras'

Saturday 12:00

Lunch Available in the Kitchen

Saturday 1:00

Joanie Conn - 'Dream Interpretation'.

Saturday 2:00

Shay Lynn - 'Spirit Art' -  Using the art of Spirit to guide others.

Saturday 3:00


Saturday 4:00

Blake Cahoon - "Archangel Michael" How this Archangel can assist in our daily lives. 

Seminar Schedule August 20

Sunday 11:30

 Rose Howard -  'E=MC 2'  Everything is Energy.    Increase your Rainbow Frequency and that of Gaia with Essential Oils, Sound, and Movement. 

Sunday 12:00

Judy Bagan - 'Essential Oils & Honey'   The perfect combination for healing.

Sunday 1:00

Spirit Mechanix - Brian Gibson - 'Understanding the I AM'  How what we say about our self becomes our truth. Where do these things come from and how we can change them. 

Sunday 2:00

Virginia Gilpin - 'The Power of Levitation'

Sunday 3:00

JoAnna Dickey - 'Astral Travel'

Sunday 4:00


SEMINAR ROOM:  Adjacent to Kitchen Door Exit.


BATHROOMS:  Thru the Kitchen Door Exit to the Left (next to Seminar Room) 

MULTIPLE BATHROOMS in back of Ruthanne Shultz Middle Room